XenApp is Dead, Long Live XenApp

Well XenApp never really died it just got eaten up and integrated with XenDesktop, which with usual Citrix flair, meant they had played around with product names again, and confused the hell out of everyone. They did have a Xendesktop App version but that got dropped, so the usual conversation with customers went:

“I want to upgrade my XenApp environment”

“Sure you need to upgrade to XenDesktop 7″

“But I don’t want XenDesktop7, I just want XenApp”

“It’s included with XenDesktop”

“OK but I just want XenApp”

And so it went on, the good news is that like a phoenix from a flame XenApp is coming back,  in  Q1 on 2014 Citrix are going to release XenApp 7.5, no firm dates, but their website says March 2014, but still a start, so what are some of the new functions/features you get?

  • The new XenApp 7.5 is built on the FlexCast Management Architecture used in the Citrix XenDesktop, so the IMA is still dead
  • XenApp Platinum edition will include the full power of Citrix AppDNA™ application migration technology
  • XenApp 7.5 will provide the ability for hybrid cloud provisioning directly to AWS or CloudPlatform-powered clouds without having to learn new management consoles and skillsets.
  • For a limited time, XenApp and XenDesktop Platinum edition customers can add mobile device management (MDM) or enterprise mobile management (EMM) capabilities at a discount.

The full details can be found here: Citrix XenApp 7.5 – New Generation of Windows App Delivery Designed for Mobility and Cloud

So what does this mean, well it means you have a choice, if you want XenApp you can install it, you just want XenDesktop, no problem, they are all built on the same architecture, so if you have XenApp and in the future want to look into XenDesktop, you don’t need to worry about re-designing your environment.

I am sure we will  get more detail as the release date gets nearer.


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