Unable to browse server with IP Address

Just had this very annoying issue with a customer still running Windows 2003, they had changed the default gateway on a server, and then they could browse to a share using the IP Address, no problem with the server name. Naturally the application that needed to access the share needed it to be an IP Address.

Naturally Googling this I found loads of basic explanations of where they could browse by ip and not by the server name, not much use to me, I looked at the lmhosts file, re-installed the networking card but to no avail. Finally I found this post.


Uninstalled KB968389 it worked, reinstalled and it still worked, probably took me more time trying to remember how to apply Windows Updates on a 2003 Server.

Hope fully I have used the right keywords and if you have the issue you find this quick enough. Mind you maybe I should have left it broken and told them to upgrade!

Any questions let me know, till next time.

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