Not able to open VM console in Google Chrome

Had a small issue where I could log on to a vSphere 5.5 Virtual Centre using the web client, but could not open up a console session on any of the virtual machines, and the web client complained that I hadn’t installed the plugin, when I had.

I had reinstalled the plugin and rebooted etc but still no joy until I did the following:

In Google Chrome, I went to

  • Settings
  • Clicked “Show Advanced Settings”
  • Under Privacy, click the “Content settings…” button
  • Scrolled down to the Plug-ins sections, and clicked the “Disable individual plug-ins…” link
  • Found the following 2 Plug-ins and ticked “Always allowed” for the  VMWare Client Support Plug-in, and VMWare Remote Console Plug-in
  • Closeed Chrome and log back into vCenter web client

Once I had done that I could  now use Chrome to get into the consoles of my VM’s

Hope this helps


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