Importing the XenMobile App Controller into VMWare ESXi

In this blog post I am going to go through the process of installing the XenMobile App Controller appliance into VMWare’s ESX.

This first thing you need to do is download a copy of the AppController from the Citrix Website, you will need a create a Citrix login to get access. I usually just download it to the PC, I am running the VMWare Client, but you can put it anywhere the PC has access to.  The App Controller is supported on Hyper-V, ESX and XenServer so make sure you download the right one. In this case it is:

  • App Controller 2.1 Virtual Appliance for VMWare.

Before you get started, make sure you have the following resources free in your setup

Memory 4 GB
Virtual CPU (VCPU) 2 VCPUs

Note: If App Controller is acting as the cluster head, Citrix recommends 4 VCPUs.
Virtual Network Interfaces 1

To get started login into your VMWare Client and select:

1.  File – Deploy OVF File, and browse to where you downloaded the appliance file to



2.  In the next screen check you have selected the right appliance :o )


Deploy OVF Template


3.  Put in the name you want it to be called in ESX, and click Next




4. Select the Datastore you want to store the appliance in, and click Next



5. Select how you want the disk configured, keep it as Thick Provisioned. Click Next




6.  Select the VMware network you want it to use and click Next:


7. Check all is correct, and click finish.



The appliance will now be imported into your VMware infrastructure and ready for you to configure.


Once you have successfully imported the App Controller, make sure you

  • Allow the virtual machine to start and stop automatically with the system.
  • Set the memory size to 4096.
  • Set the number of VCPUs to 2.

Hope this helps



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