Mountain Bike round the Lomond Hills

I pretty much grew up in this area, and would see the Lomond Hills and think they look steep, but never once think about going up to take look. Strange how you sometime ignore what is on your doorstep, so while I was looking for some local Mountain Bike Routes to do, up popped a route around the Lomond Hills so off I headed.

It was a beautiful summers day and the same weekend at T in the Park, and I was doing the route as deatailed in “Scotland Mountain Biking”. The start of it is a nice trail that takes you up the side of the burn, with some steep sections as it crosses the burn, you have to watch out that you don’t get stuck in any off the ruts as they are pretty deep and in some places it is actually impossible to peddle if you get stuck in then.
I carried on up to the top, with the sound of Deacon Blue, who must have been playing their set at T in the Park. I didn’t go down to look at the gorge but again was amazed that I had never heard of this. Once up the top you carry on over some boggy ground, which with this dry summer was OK to get across, till you make it to the reservoir, where you climb up a short hill to follow a track round to a car park where you start climbing again.

Before the summit you follow a faint path to the right, and this is were is gets interesting, or should I say steep, really steep and is a real test of nerve and bike skills, especially once you hit the bit of path which is narrow, steep and has a rusty barbed wire fence right at eye level for you to fixate on. This spits you out at the Bunnet Stane, which is an interesting diversion to the trail, then it’s down a farm track to the road and back to the car.

Enjoyed my day out and was good to go somewhere new on my door step, that I really should have done years ago. Here’s a few photos of the ride.

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