Creating a boot disk in PVS

If for whatever reason you can’t use PXE in your environment, or even just want to test PVS (Provisioning Services) you can use the Provisioning Services Boot Device Manager to create an ISO that you can use to boot your workstations.

When you start up Provisioning Services Boot Device Manager you will be presented with the following screen, just add the details you need for your environment, and click next.

< Specifytheloginserver

In the following screen I normally select Verbose Mode but that’s because I am nosey and like to see what is going on. Click next

Again fill out how yo want to use DHCP, but select in Boot Device

  • Citrix ISO Image Recoderer

As I have done in the image below , and click burn, and select where you want to save it, you can then burn the ISO to a CD and boot from that.


Job Done….

Hope this helps


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