Citrix Receiver Clean-Up Utility

I was having trouble installing the updated version of receiver onto my PC, complaining about a previous version that I had already uninstalled, this is where the handy Citrix Receiver Clean-Up Utility comes into play.

You can download it from Citrix Support and you can use it when:

  • Receiver or Online Plug-in is installed but the old components still exist or creating abnormal scenarios.
  • Receiver or Online Plug-in components must be cleaned before troubleshooting or installation.
  • Receiver or Online Plug-in are unable to function and the product is unable to install or uninstall

Its a simple utility, but will allow you to backup your registry before you run it, and then just goes through removing all the references to the Receiver on your PC, and then will ask if you want to reboot, rather than forcing you to. Hopefully you should then be able to install the receiver….but what if you still get…..

“Setup cannot continue because this version of Receiver is incompatible with a previously-installed version”

If you have a look in

C:\Users\…YourUsername….\AppData\Local\Temp you will find a text file called TrolleyExpress-<date>-<time> if you have a look into that you will probably see the following:

14:14:11: Error – CApp::CheckIfAClientPackageIsInstalled(1075) – An existing package was found. Install can not continue.
14:14:11: Information – CApp::MessageBoxW(107) – Message Box shown to user: Setup cannot continue because this version of Receiver is incompatible with a previously-installed version.
14:15:19: Information – CApp::MessageBoxW(123) – Message Box result: 1
14:15:19: Information – CApp::ExitInstance(605) – Exit Code = 1603

If you then use procman, run the install again and filter on TrolleyExpress it will show you the reg entry where it is picking up this info from, then it is usually just a case of deleting that entry and the install should start and complete OK.

Hope this helps.

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